Give a gift card

Buying a gift card for Textur is a fantastic gift that gives you the opportunity to have a delicious dinner at Textur. And of course the value of the gift card can also be used at Struktur.

Gift cards are ordered online and can either be sent directly to the recipient by email, printed out yourself, or sent printed in a gift envelope by post upon payment of postage.

You can order gift cards for either our fixed menus or gift cards for an amount.

Order gift card

Need a lot of gift cards?

If you need a lot of gift cards, e.g. as a gift for employees in your company, please send us an email at with your order. We’ll take care of creating and printing of the gift cards, which can be picked up in the restaurant. Gift cards will be packed in black gift envelopes. We are happy to send an invoice, just provide us with the invoicing information together with your order.