Great food, wine and our own juices at a price where everybody can participate - while we try to do our part in trying to lower the rising food waste in Denmark

Our concept is quite simple: We’ve decided to have 8 courses available on our menu, which are changed every four weeks. This way we’re able to focus fully on each dish – and every ingredient. The goal is to make the very best of every single ingredient in peak season right now, and make sure we use it to the best of its potential. With the frequent change of our menu, we’re at the same time able follow the ever changing supply of local vegetables, fish and meat. This way we hope to contribute to, and add a focus on, reducing food waste.

The food

At Textur you’ll experience a seasonal and innovative menu with focus on food utilization, and a kitchen giving each ingredient the attention it deserves.

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Private dining

We offer private dining at your place – when you want it!
We take care of all the preparations in advance, before arriving at your place, ready to prepare a delicious meal.

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