Our concept is quite simple: We’ve decided to have 8 courses available on our menu, which are changed every three weeks. This way we’re able to focus fully on each dish – and every ingredient. The goal is to make the very best of every single ingredient in peak season right now, and make sure we use it to the best of its potential. With the frequent change of our menu, we’re at the same time able follow the ever changing supply of local vegetables, fish and meat. This way we hope to contribute to, and add a focus on, reducing food waste.Our menu always offers the possibility of a set 3, 4 or 5 course menu including a paired wine- or juice menu. It’s also possible to order all of the set menu courses as a la carte dishes, as well as we always offer a vegetarian- or fish main course.
The paired wines are wide-ranged from natural wines without sulfur to the classic wines. We choose the wines from the heart and make sure they’re always paired with the changing menus.

Our non-alcoholic beverage menu means as much to us as our wine menu. Every juice pairing is made in-house, from the nature seasonal offerings right now, or preservations from other times of the year.

We look forward to welcoming you!