We offer private dining at your place - whenever you like!

We prepare everything in advance, and cook a delicious meal at your place. Naturally we take care of all the tiresom tasks as clearing the table, and doing the dishes. All you have to do is lean back, and enjoy the company of your guests and a delicious meal.

We offer different options for private dining. The menus are always changing according to the seasonal offerings.

Our private dining always includes 4 different snacks for a start, as well as our sourdough bread and whipped butter. You just have to decide if you would like 4 or 5 courses.

Price per person for 4 snacks, bread & butter and…

– 4 courses, kr. 666,-

– 5 courses, kr. 777,-

Prices are available for private dining 25 km from Aalborg city center. Are your party further away? Dont hesitate to contact us, and lets have a talk about it.

Send us your request for a private dining event, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.